About ATL Urban Farms

About ATL Urban Farms

ATL Urban Farms was founded in 2013 in Cumming, Georgia (north Atlanta) by Bret & Cindy Bowlin to grow seedlings specifically for the Tower Garden® by the JuicePlus+ Company. Bret & Cindy diligently built ATL to be a premier seedling provider offering the highest quality seedlings and attentive customer service.

In spring 2018 Sheree & Clint Crowe purchased ATL Urban Farms and moved seedling production to their greenhouse in Cumming.  

ATL Urban Farms is a Certified Seedling Provider
for Tower Garden®, a Juice Plus+ Company

As a Certified Seedling Provider, ATL Urban Farms is held to the highest standards. We use non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) seeds to grow healthy, naturally grown seedlings for Tower Gardens. Each seedling is hand-seeded in Rockwool medium designed specifically for Tower Gardens. Seeds are watered and after germinating fed Tower Garden Mineral Blend.  

We ship the highest quality seedlings online and on-site ready to plant in your Tower Garden. Our seasonal seedling selection allows you the ability to start growing faster and more successfully without the time, risk or expenses of germinating your own seeds. We also encourage you to grow your own seedlings. 

To find out what seedlings are currently available, click Buy Seedlings Now and start your order!

If you have questions about our seedlings or tower gardening, contact us anytime. We are your Seedling & Tower Garden Partner!

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