Seedlings to Grow!

Seedlings to Grow!

Grow Your Own Safe, Nutritious Food!

ATL Urban Farms (a Sweetwater Urban Farms company) grows seedlings in rockwool for aeroponic Tower Gardens and hydroponic growing systems. Our rockwool seedlings are available online to purchase and we ship within UPS 3-day Ground from Atlanta.

Shop Rockwool Seedlings for aeroponic & hydroponic growing systems

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We also grow seedlings for soil gardens for local pick up in Cumming, Georgia just north of Atlanta.

Shop Plants for Soil Gardens for pickup in Cumming

All of our plants are hand-seeded with non-GMO seeds and naturally grown with no synthetic herbicides or pesticides.

We welcome guests to visit our greenhouse to see how we grow our seedlings and and learn how you can grow your own!

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