Contact Us

Contact Us

Meredith is available 9 am-2 pm Mon-Sat and sometimes more 🙂 but calls/emails received after hours will be returned the next business day. 

  1. Call 404.800.4435 
  2. Email

We’re Social! 

  1. Facebook @AtlUrbanFarms – post or message. very active.
  2. Instagram @AtlUrbanFarms – post or message. very active.
  3. Pinterest @AtlUrbanFarms – post or message. not as active but a lot of GREAT resources/answers here 🙂

Where in the World is Sheree Crowe?

  1. Call/Text 770.354.3657 (yes I just gave you my personal cell#)
  2. Email
  3. Facebook and Messenger  @sheree.s.crowe
  4. Instagram @sheree.crowe 
  5. Pinterest @shereecrowe
  6. LinkedIn @shereecrowe
  7. Skype Sheree.Crowe
  8. Voxer Scrowe372
  9. Whatsapp Sheree Crowe

I think that’s all but if I think of something else I’ll add it 🙂

All of this to say  — we are here for you! 

How can we help? 

Sheree & Meredith


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