for Tower Gardeners

We have compiled lots of Tower Garden resources in one place just for you! We are always looking and adding more. If you don’t find what you are looking for, email us at We are always happy to help!

  • Teachers, administrators and academic advocates, click here to find specific Resources for Schools. Find out what other schools are doing too!
  • Lots of great info on our Facebook page. Be sure to Like us to stay up-to-date on seedling and tower support too. 
  • The easiest way to find info by topic is on our Pinterest page. You don’t have to be a Pinterest user to access these resources but we highly recommend it 🙂
    • Here are some board just for tower gardening but we also have info about Healthy Choices, Urban Ag, Tower Farms, Recipes, My Favorite Things and even Dirt Gardens.
      • Tower Garden for Newbies: New to tower gardening or considering a Tower Garden – start here!
      • Tower Garden: What to Grow: Lots of ideas for what to grow in your tower.
      • Tower Garden: How to Grow: You have decided what you want to grow – now what?
      • Tower Garden: Pests & Diseases: Houston, we have a problem! Find lots of pest management and disease solutions here!
        • A note here on pests especially aphids — indoor gardens are actually more susceptible to pests than outdoor gardens. If you are in an area with lots of people – schools, restaurants, gyms, your home – start a pest management program BEFORE you have a pest management problem. We grow yummy food to be enjoyed by people, not pests 🙂
      • Tower Garden: Indoors: Find specific info about growing inside.
      • Tower Garden: Schools: Find specific info about using Tower Gardens in schools.
  • We are in the process of creating video content just for you on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to be notified when new videos are available!
  • And last but not least, remember reading something in our Newsletter but can’t find it? Look in our News from the Farm Newsletter Archive

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