What should I Grow?

What should I Grow?

Do you like salads? Are you a juicer? Do you like to cook?

If you answered Yes! to any of those questions we can help!

We have a NEW FEATURE in our online store called TAGS* to help you select the right seedlings for your family to get the maximum results from your Tower Garden.

Do you like salads? Click the Tag for “Salad Tower” to see recommended seedlings to enjoy salads from your tower. Mix and Match. Choose your favorites and try a couple new ones too!

Are you a juicer? Click the Tag for “Juicing Tower” to what seedlings are best for juicing.

Do you like to cook? You guessed it! Click the “Cooking Tower” Tag!

Do you have a microgreen/baby green extension? There’s a Tag for “Baby Greens” to help you select what to grow too.

So what is a baby green? The difference between baby greens and mature greens is how long they grow or how big they get. Baby greens are younger, more tender and flavorful versions of the full-grown greens. Microgreens are usually seeded heavy and should be cut at 3-4 inches. Baby greens are seeded medium and should be cut at 6-8 inches. Mature greens are seeded lightly and cut when they are full-size depending on the variety.

*When viewing available seedlings on a computer, Tags are located on the right column under the Product Categories. If you are using a mobile device, Tags are located at the top under Product Categories.Β 

You can also click the “Show in Stock Only” Filter to view only seedlings currently available to purchase.Β 


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