New Tower Garden HOME!

New Tower Garden HOME!

We are super excited to announce the NEW Tower Garden Home by JuicePlus+!

It’s so cute, right? A little smaller but more growing ports than the original Tower Garden (now called Tower Garden Flex). Designed specifically for growing the freshest, most nutritious greens and herbs inside. Perfect for small areas like your kitchen, covered porch, courtyard or balcony.

Below are some pictures from the reveal at our JuicePlus+ LIVE conference in Austin this weekend.ย 

Tower Garden HOME complete growing system:

  • 32 ports – 16 standard, 16 baby greens (salad toppings)
  • New timer – only 2 setting options! “I” for inside (5 on/45 off) or “O” for outside (3 on/11 off)
  • New pump
  • Built-in Wheels
  • Water Level Monitor – just a quick glance will let you know if you need to add water & nutrients but still hug your tower!
  • 13 gallon reservoir (vs 20 gallon Flex)
  • 24″ wide x 58″ tall (vs 30″ x 55″ Flex with no extension)
  • The Home unit and LED lights are available separately now. The new pump and new timer will be available separately soon.
  • Both units can be used inside or outside:
    • TG Flex is a great option for outside gardeners. the bigger reservoir to grow summer vegetables minimizes refills in summer. The extra weight of 20 gallons vs 13 gallons also makes it more secure in outdoor conditions.
    • TG Home is great for inside gardeners with the smaller reservoir and LED Lights for greens and herbs which require less nutrient refills ๐Ÿ™‚
  • TG Home is lighter and fits through standard doorways.
  • With TG Home you can break it down to 3 sections to easily transport for events and shows.
  • Retail Prices:
    • TG Home with LED lights Retail price $970 includesย shipping! 💕ย 
    • TG Home without LED lights $670 includes shipping
    • TG Flex (28 ports with standard extension & dolly, no LED lights) is $665 (plus shipping).

Stay tune for special TG Home Seedling packages to be available too!

Tower Garden HOME is now available through your personal JuicePlus+ distributor or through ATL Urban Farms.ย 

Visit us at ATL Urban Farms greenhouse to see for yourself!


On left, TG Flex with 28 ports. On right, TG Home with 32 ports
Not great quality but I tried to make myself the same size for comparison ๐Ÿ˜‰


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