When and what should I plant?
In most areas in the South and East you can enjoy 3 – 4 growing seasons. Visit the Tower Garden website to view a full list of all the plants you can grow and whether they are cool season or summer season crops. See resource links below.

Are your seedlings Organic?
They are all natural and grown to Organic standards.

Can I put the seedlings directly into the Tower Garden?
Yes. Seedlings purchased from ATL Urban Farms are grown in the same rockwool that comes with your Tower Garden and are ready to be transplanted on receipt.

Do you use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on your seedlings?
No, we do not use any synthetics on our seedlings at ATL Urban Farms. Everything is grown to Organic standards.

When purchasing a pack of seedlings, do they all have to be the same?
Absolutely not. We allow you to choose any combination of any of the seedlings we have available.

Do you guarantee your seedlings?
Yes! ATL Urban Farms only ships strong, healthy seedlings, but on rare occasions they may be damaged in transit. There are many external factors that may affect your seedlings. Because these factors are beyond ATL Urban Farms’ control we guarantee our seedlings for 48 hours after delivery. If your seedlings do not arrive in a healthy condition, please inform us within 48 hours of receipt via email to atlurbanfarms@gmail.com. Please include a photo of the affected seedlings.

How big will the seedlings be when I receive them?
The seedlings will be between a half inch and 4 inches in size, depending on the crop. They are big enough to be placed directly in your Tower Garden. They will not be as large as plants you purchase from your local nursery.

How are your seedlings shipped?

We ship seedlings via USPS priority mail to anywhere within a two (2) day delivery region from Cumming, GA 30028.

My seedlings took longer than expected to arrive or the box arrived a little beat up. What should I do?
Simply snap a photo of the seedlings (and box if the box is clearly damaged) and email it to atlurbanfarms@gmail.com within 48 hours of receipt and we will happily replace, refund or offer a credit (subject to the number of seedlings affected).

My seedlings arrived and they appear a little yellow in color. Is this normal?
Yes. Your seedlings have spent between 1 and 2 days in a box without exposure to UV light so it is not unusual for them to arrive a little yellow in color. If your seedlings are brown or wilted this is not normal so please contact us within 48 hours of receipt and we will happily replace, refund or offer credit (subject to the amount of seedlings affected).

I am unable to plant my seedlings in my Tower Garden immediately. How long can they survive without being planted?
With the exception of lettuce, you can hold your seedlings for weeks without planting them. Lettuce gets tougher and bitter as it gets older and this will happen whether in the Tower Garden or not. Providing your seedlings are exposed to UV light a minimum of 5 hours a day, put them in a shallow tray with ¼ inch of clean water each morning, use pH balanced nutrient water every three days, they will be fine for weeks (lettuce no more than a week).

Can I keep the seedlings indoors?
Absolutely not! This is a common mistake. Seedlings may be small but they are actually much more resilient than you think. All plants require UV light and without it they will grow long and stretch in search of UV light. Once a plant starts to do this there is no turning the clock back. If it is still very cold put the plants in a sunny location outside during the day where they will get 5 hours of sun and then bring them back inside during the evening. If it is still very hot place them in morning sun for 5 hours and keep in shade in afternoon. Be sure to keep them in a tray with ¼ inch of water. Do not keep them in a sunny window inside as most windows filter UV light.

What do I do when my seedlings arrive?
Click here to read instructions on caring for your seedlings after they arrive. There will also be a care sheet in the shipping box with instructions.

Our Greenhouse will be closed Tues Oct 16 - Sun Oct 21. We will be out of town attending the JuicePlus+ LIVE Conference. In case of seedling emergency, call 404.800.4435. Dismiss