To be (organic) or not to be… that is the (constant) question.

To be (organic) or not to be… that is the (constant) question.

We can naturally grow delicious, safe, nutrient-dense produce using sustainable, water and land conservative no-dirt patented technology with no toxic pesticides or herbicides from non-GMO seeds zero-miles from your table!

But is it organic?

If we’ve been asked once, we’ve been asked a thousand times … right? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a simple YES answer?!

So let’s break it down… in addition to the Tower Garden technology itself, we all use three components to produce our amazing naturally-grown food:

  • seed selection – non-GMO required, organic optional
  • growing medium – currently rockwool
  • nutrients – Tower Garden Mineral Blend

To be organic and to become “certified organic”, all 3 components must be organic. Changing from non-GMO seed to non-GMO, certified-organic seed is a great idea but will not grow “certified organic” produce. Changing from rockwool to certified-organic medium (like peat moss or coco coir) is great but will not grow “certified organic” produce. And lastly, using certified-organic nutrients is a great idea but that alone will not grow “certified organic” produce.

Can you or I change any or all 3 components to be organic or at least come closer? Yes absolutely! 

But… (there’s always a “but”, right?) there are some risk to consider. Seeds are fairly harmless. You can use any seed and get similar results although some seed providers (not to be confused with SEEDLING providers) are consistently more productive than others. The medium is a little trickier because it has to hold up in the tower sometimes for a long time, needs to expand and contract but not too much, and not deteriorate quickly risking your plants and your pump. A good shelf life is also helpful so you can store it. And lastly (again), changing the nutrients is very, very tricky. The Tower Garden Mineral Blend is the magic potion for Tower Gardens. It took years of research by people way smarter than me to formulate the right portions of this and that to feed a wide variety of plants for maximum growth and nutrition. Remember Tower Gardens “quickly and efficiently grow more colorful, tastier, better smelling and incredible nutritious produce”? It’s the secret sauce 🙂

For a deeper dive into the secret sauce, read Dr. Carlos’s article here.

So why did I write this dissertation? Tower Garden LLC is working diligently (and has been working years) to research, test and develop organic components that are safe and sustainable for Tower Gardens and all tower gardeners in all parts of the world growing under all types of condition. They have a huge vested interest in bringing these solutions to market as soon as possible. They are super close to bringing an organic option for a growing medium to market. Super close meaning it has been tested by one provider in one area of the country under specific conditions.  

As a Tower Garden Certified Seedling Provider we are especially anxious for Tower Garden LLC’s seal of approval. It’s a great start and we’re excited and cheering them on! 

If you have any questions about what is organic, what research is in process, what is coco coir, what is peat moss, why should i care, will you please stop talking – ATL Urban Farms is your Seedling Partner and we are here to help! 


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