Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand

First, know I am praying for you (yes you!) during these unusual and stressful times.

  • I pray you and your family are healthy and there is a veil of protection around you.
  • I pray if you or someone you love is sick that all recover quickly and completely.
  • I pray as you manage life at home and at work that you are at peace and see new miracles along the way.
  • I pray if you have little ones at home learning to learn a new way that you find more and more grace for each day.
  • I pray for protection, discernment and wisdom for the front-liners – researchers, doctors, nurses, administrators, retail workers, supply chain providers and all decision makers.

I’ve heard people say this is our “new normal” I’ve decided to call it a “new appreciation“. I have realized so many every day “normals” I took for granted. Never again πŸ™‚

But where are the seedlings?!

So every year we plan carefully as winter trails off and we look forward to spring. Glorious Spring! This year – a side effect of COVID-19 – is “spring” demand came early and our supply was not ready. As soon as we post new inventory the orders flood in.

While we are so grateful we are heart broken to be unable to immediately provide all the healthy seedlings you all want and need. We are seeding 1000s a week and growing as fast as we can. Now that we are seeing the sun more often we are also seeing faster growth. Thank you, Jesus.

On Tuesdays we ship all orders received the previous week. After shipping we see what’s left and move new seedlings into production so our biggest updates are on Tuesday evening (or Wednesday morning if we workΒ  late). So the best time to order is Wednesday. I also add small batches online as they become available. We will never stop adding and we will add more and more and more as April progresses and we catch up.

And don’t forget summer veggies prefer night temps > 50! Many areas are still experiencing cooler temps. (Click here to check your last frost date.)

Thank you for your support and your patience!!! And to each of you who encourage us every day – a HUGE thank you!Β Β 

Reach out to us anytime! Jaclyn, Kim, Clint and I are truly blessed to call you friends. We treasure your prayers for our families and ATL-UF too πŸ™‚

xoxo! Sheree

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