Shopping FAQs

Can I Drop-in and Shop?
Yes! We LOVE visitors – come look around, shop, bring your friends, share our seedling and Tower Garden love!  We are not on-site all day every day so please contact us before driving over.  We are usually right around the corner but appointments help us so much. We look forward to seeing you!

When is the best time to order?
Good question! The best time to place online orders is Wednesday afternoon. Orders received Tuesday-Monday are shipped the on Tuesdays so our online inventory is at it’s lowest on Tuesdays. We do our biggest inventory updates on Wednesday so inventory is the highest Wednesday afternoon. If any item you want is out of stock be sure to set an alert! You will be notified as soon as the item is available. Also feel free to email us abut availability or if you need to place a large order or to make special requests. We love to hear from you!

When and what should I plant in my Tower Garden?
Checkout our Pinterest “What to Grow” board for great options (Pinterest account not required). Also visit the Tower Garden website for great resources on plants you can grow and how to grow. 

How are your seedlings shipped? When will they arrive? 
We ship seedlings via UPS 3-day ground from Cumming, Georgia. We ship in deep plastic trays that hold the seedling rockwool in place securely during transport in plain brown boxes. We ship on Tuesdays so they will arrive by Friday depending on your location. View the UPS map to see how many days from your area

UPS My Choice users: After you place your order you may receive a notification from UPS that your order has shipped. All orders ship on Tuesday so if it’s not Tuesday your order has not shipped. After your order leaves the greenhouse you will receive an email from with the tracking info. 

Is there a  minimum or maximum number of seedlings I can order?
Nope, you can order 1 or more. But… the shipping cost is about the same for 1 or 10 so we recommend ordering as many as you can at one time to save. We are constantly researching shipping options but at this time that is the best we have. 

Are your seedlings Organic?
Our seedlings are grown naturally to organic standards from non-GMO seeds with no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Dr. Carlos wrote a great article A Scientific Look: Is Tower Garden Mineral Blend Organic? for good explanation of gardening with Tower Garden.  Here are a couple of other articles to help explain Organic:  Organic: Does it really mean what you think it means and What Does Organic Really Mean, and Is it Worth my Money?

Can I put the seedlings directly into the Tower Garden?
Yes. Seedlings purchased from ATL Urban Farms are grown in the same rockwool that comes with your Tower Garden and are ready to plant when received. Our seedlings can also be used in container or dirt gardens. Before planting in soil make sure the roots are coming out of the rockwool and keep the rockwool moist until the roots are well established in the soil. Never let rockwool seedlings dry out. 

When purchasing a pack of seedlings, do they all have to be the same?
Absolutely not. You can choose any combination of seedlings we have seasonally available. If searching for a particular type of plant, use our Categories or Tags to filter your search.

Do you offer discounts for large orders and/or wholesale pricing? 
Yes, sorta. We are working on a wholesale and volume program but we aren’t there yet. If you are interested in either, please contact us and we’ll work together to meet your needs. 

Do you guarantee your seedlings?
Yes! Our policy is satisfaction guaranteed! ATL Urban Farms only ships strong, healthy seedlings, but occasionally they can be damaged in transit. There are many external factors that may affect your seedlings after they leave the greenhouse. We just ask that you notify us as soon as your seedlings arrive. Sending pictures also helps us determine if there are shipping issues or plant issues we need improve.

Why 48 hours when it takes time for seedlings to adjust after planting?
There is a difference between damaged seedlings and distressed seedlings. When seedlings arrive they may be sad from travel and do need a couple days in the tower to recover. They will flourish quickly and sometimes miraculously with TLC. If you feel they are especially sad and you notify us, we can help in the adjustment process. If they take a turn for the worse while in your care with our help, we will happily replace, refund or offer a credit as needed. If they take a turn for the worse and we are not notified until later, it may be too late for us to help.

How big will the seedlings be when I receive them?
The seedlings will be between a half inch and 4 inches in size, depending on the crop. They are big enough to be placed directly in your Tower Garden. They will not be as large as plants you purchase from your local nursery. There is a fine line between seedlings safe to ship and too big to ship so sometimes we have to make last minute changes.

My seedlings didn’t arrive on time or the box arrived a little beat up. What should I do?
Snap a photo of the seedlings (and box if the box is clearly damaged) and email it to as soon as possible. We will replace, refund or offer a credit. The pictures are important for us to file a damage claim with UPS.

My seedlings arrived and they appear a little yellow in color. Is this normal?
Yes. Your seedlings have spent between 1 and 3 days in a box without exposure to light or nutrients so it is not unusual for them to arrive a little weak and sad. It’s helpful to know “first leaves” vs “true leaves” too. First leaves are the first leaves that germinate. The 2nd set of leaves are called “true leaves”. If the “first leaves” are yellow, no worries, they will die off. The mature “true” leaves are brown or wilted this is not normal so please contact us immediately and we will happily replace, refund or offer credit.

I am unable to plant my seedlings in my Tower Garden immediately. How long can they survive without being planted?
To keep seedlings healthy until planting, they need a minimum 5 hours of UV or sunlight a day , a shallow tray with ¼ inch of clean water each morning and half-strength, pH-balanced, mineral nutrient water every three days.

Can I keep the seedlings indoors?
Under UV lights yes. With natural indoor light, not recommended. All plants require UV/sun light and without it they will grow long and stretch in search of light. Once a plant starts to do this there is no turning the clock back. Even if it is very cold put the plants outside at least 5 hours in a sunny location in the afternoon and bring them back inside during the evening. If it is very hot outside, place them outside for 5 hours in the morning. Be sure to keep them in a tray with ¼ inch of water. Placing them in a sunny window inside usually will not be enough light because most house windows are designed to filter UV light.

What do I do when my seedlings arrive?
Read our Best Practices for Transferring Seedlings about caring for your seedlings after they arrive. There will also be a care sheet in the shipping box with instructions. To remove the seedlings from the deep trays, gently use a pencil or pen with a flat top into each of the holes in the bottom of the tray. If you push too much in just one hole you may push through the rockwool and damage the plant. Gently push a bit around on each hole until the seedling becomes loose. Then you can push through the middle hole and the seedling will come out. Be careful not to tug on the leaves or the stems from the top until the rockwool is loose on the bottom.

My seedlings arrived, they look beautiful but how do I know what is what? 
Your seedlings will be shipped in a tray with an orange dot or orange paint on one corner. Your packing list and a Best Practices/Seedling Chart is also included. The top of the Seedling Chart says “Turn the tray so the ORANGE dot or ORANGE CORNER is in the top left position – this is Seedling #1”. Your packing list has hand-written numbers along the left side. These numbers correspond to the tray slots – #1 on the list is the first slot at the top left with the orange corner. #2 is to the right, etc. #6 is the first seedling of the 2nd row, etc. 

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