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2018 August 13  Facebook Live!, What’s in the Greenhouse, Green Sorrel, Birmingham Regional, ATL on Pinterest

2018 July 22      Dog Days of Summer, What’s in the Greenhouse, Trellis Your Tower, Blue Ridge Boot Camp

2018 July 6         Zucchini Wars, What’s in the Greenhouse, Summer Tower Maintenance, Summer Fun with Family

2018 June 14     Growing with one hand behind their back, Squash Season, What’s in the Greenhouse

2018 June 8       Feel the Heat!, What’s in the Greenhouse, FarmHers

2018 June 1        Conservation, Greens, It’s What’s for Dinner, What’s in the Greenhouse, Cumming Farmer’s Market

2018 May 18      Decisions, Decisions! (14 best vegetables), Atomic Grapes, Reapers & Zephyrs, Sweetwater Urban Farms

2018 May 8        Basil, Tower Timing, Microgreen Update, Stock “market”

2018 May 2        JuicePlus+ Conference Update, Summer Crops, Mother’s Day, Thanks for your Support

2018 April 12    Forsyth County Master Gardener’s Plant Sale, JuicePlus+ Live Phoenix, Rotate your Greens, New phone number

2018 April 4      Finally!, Microgreens, Summer Veggies, New Greenhouse

2018 March 8   Ready for Microgreens?! What to do with them, How to grow them

2018 January    Tower Garden tips, New LED grow lights & Microgreen Extension, Tower Farms