Reservoir Covers for Tower Garden®

Reservoir Covers for Tower Garden®

Have you ever wanted to dress up your Tower Garden?

Give it a little pizzazz, add a personal touch to your indoor or outdoor space?

Maybe even PERSONALIZE it?

ATL Urban Farms is excited to offer new patent-pending Reservoir Covers for your Tower Garden! You asked if there was a way to cover the reservoir, to dress it up or to personalize it. We looked at several options but couldn’t find anything suitable on the market. So… we sent our son, Chase, to Chattanooga to work with Tennessee Awning Company to design one! Together they created this design using Sunbrella® fabric. Sunbrella fabrics go anywhere and are tough enough to withstand the extremes of Mother Nature along with all the little accidents that come with tower gardening. 

The Reservoir Cover has a full-length Velcro closure to easily wrap around the tower. We currently have 5 options available:

  • Basic covers in white, black, tan, blue or red.
  • Custom covers made from any solid Sunbrella® fabric. (Additional charges may apply based on fabric cost and availability.)
  • Personalized covers with a vinyl logo on the fabric to further customize the look. Logos must be in vector format and no copyright/license restrictions. Contact us for options and pricing.

Low introductory price of $75 available through January 31st! Clikc here to purchase a basic cover or contact us to personalize yours! 

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Low inventory notice! we have been getting the greenhouse ready for spring and we got a little behind. we will be restocking this week and more next week. if you need anything as always contact us anytime. thank you for love, support & patience! ~ Sheree :-) Dismiss