Product Highlight: Variegated Lily-turf, Liriope

Today’s product highlight is the Variegated Lily-turf, Liriope. This groundcover is a clump-forming perennial that has grass-like foliage. This groundcover is a great plant for bordering sidewalks and edging landscape beds. It will grow well around trees and shrubs. This Liriope prefers moist soils, but will do fine in a variety of conditions. Once planted, it tolerates full to partial sun (filtered light), high heat and dry conditions and is virtually maintenance-free.

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More details: Variegated Lily-turf/Liriope muscari ‘Variegata’- Evergreen foliage, yellow variegation on green leaf, lavender flower spikes, sun to shade, 10-16” tall, clumping, drought tolerant, zones 5-10, suggested spacing 12”

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