How-To: Transplanting Shrubs

We have found that a handful of our clients are looking to revamp their home and revamp their landscapes. Adding a deck, extending a driveway, getting rid of a tree, etc. With all the moving, rebuilding and updating comes changes in their current landscape. For many, they have history tied to shrubs and trees around their homes and have asked us – “If I want to move my plants without damaging the scrub, how do I do it?”. We have put together today’s blog post to help guide you in transplanting your shrubs without damaging them:

  • Pick your season: Now is the perfect time to transplant! The end of summer and beginning of fall is perfect for a transplanting plants project. Get started now!
  • Prepare the bed before transplanting the scrub. Making sure the scrub or perennial has a well soiled and prepared bed to be transplanted into is key.
  • Trim each plant back to a size that allows you to dig close to it the plant. Unfortunately, this may eliminate most of the flowers next spring but this short-term sacrifice on beauty will be well worth the long-term health of the plant.
  • Keep the roots moist! Dr. Tim Smalley, who teaches horticulture at the University of Georgia, says that “the key to any successful transplant is keeping the roots moist afterwards.”

Note: With transplanting, many times the feeder roots will be lost and will take time to regenerate. Make sure to keep the bed soaked every couple of weeks in the winter and make sure it doesn’t get dry in the summer!

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