If you are growing indoors it is very important to keep a close eye for insects and have an insect control plan in place. Yes, indoor gardens are still susceptible to insect pests because natural predators are not present. These nasty pests can come from several sources like open doors, your pets, other indoor plants and even your clothes. They are a condition of the ENVIRONMENT and seldom a condition of your seedlings whether you purchase from a seedling provider or you grow your own.  

It is SO important to have a pest prevention and treatment program in place. You HAVE to and you have be diligent.

Tower Garden has a lot of great info about growing inside and pest management protocols.

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening

6 Simple Secrets for a Pest-Free Garden

The Ultimate Guide to Garden Pest Control

To find more info about Tower Gardening, check out more information under our Resources for Tower Gardeners.

We have also compiled Resources just about Pests & Diseases and we are constantly adding more information to help you.

At ATL Urban Farms, as other seedling providers, we have year-round pest and disease control protocols in place. We are committed to providing only the very best seedlings possible. Our mission is to provide healthy seedlings to grow healthy food for healthy families and communities. Taking any risk is not worth it.

Gardening is not a pure science, it’s a journey and we are partners on this journey!

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