Growing Summer Veggies!

Growing Summer Veggies!

Ask anyone what is your favorite vegetable to grow and 98% will say TOMATOES and I totally agree! Nothing is better than clean, ripe, juicy tomato straight off the vine on your Tower Garden. Seriously. Nothing.*

Here are some tips and tricks for planting tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and any vine plants:

  1. Limit the vine vegetables to 4 and place them on the bottom of the tower. Planting on the bottom allows you to trim the roots that will grow into the reservoir. If you plant on a higher section the roots will soon fill the section and not allow the nutrients to reach the lower plants.
  2. Be prepared to use the Tomato Support Cage from Tower Garden or create a trellis to keep the fruit off the ground. Of course it’s ok for fruit to grow across the ground but decks can get really hot and cook your fruit before you are ready. If your tower is on dirt be diligent to scout for pests and caterpillars so they don’t eat your fruit too.
  3. When should you plant summer veggies?
    1. Ideal growing conditions are when night temps are above 50˚ and day time are temps 70˚.
    2. Tower Garden recommends “after the last frost in your area. (summer vegetables) hate frost! If you’re using a Submersible Heater and a frost blanket, you can start transplanting three weeks before the suggested planting date. Just make sure you heat the water in the Tower Tonic reservoir to a minimum of 70˚ until daytime temperatures rise to that level.”
    3. What is your last frost date? Go here to find out:
  4. Check out these Growing Guides for some of your favorite summer veggies. (#1 and #2 apply to Zucchini, Squash, Watermelon, and Cantaloupe too.)
    1. Growing Tomatoes
    2. Growing Cucumbers
    3. Growing Basil
    4. Growing Eggplant
    5. Growing Peppers
  5. Keep an organic pest control product with BT (like Thuricide) on hand to protect your crop from worms and caterpillars.
  6. For even more resources go to our Resources page.

If you have any questions or other recommendations, let us know!

*Not counting the Holland’s Lemon Custard ice cream we use to get at my grandparents in Indiana. Sadly they don’t make it anymore so we are left with tomatoes 🙂

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