Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table

I love to cook. I think I might have said that before.  But I don’t cook fast. I savor the moment I guess you could say. I rarely use a cookbook but rather work with generalities. No two dishes ever turn out the same. We had some of the most amazing Brussel Sprouts when we were out for dinner this week. You can guarantee I will be experimenting until I can recreate them.  That’s why I love Chef’s Table, the Netflix series that profiles the top chef’s in the world. It’s a very stylistic show and very inspiring. They have just come out with season 5 and I am putting that on my must watch list.

One of my favorite episodes is Season 1 Episode 2. Right of the shoot they profile Dan Barber and the farm to table movement. As with most chef’s Dan has his way of doing things. But that drive has really helped push the farm to table movement forward. What I wouldn’t give for his farm! It’s amazing!

All that to say that I love the flavors of fall. Our house is still reaping the rewards of planting this spring as our tomatoes just keep producing! We have swiss chard just popping out of the towers. Red Sorrel is beautiful this time of year and oh so good in a sauce. My parsley and cilantro have picked up after not really agreeing with the heat. While I don’t have pumpkin or squash started yet, we are finding them at the farmers market. I just love the fall palate. I hope that you get a chance to do some cooking. It is oh so enjoyable to pull the freshness right off the tower, take it in the kitchen and make something special.

~ Clint

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